Motion Picture


Breathe of Light

Using over 4200 Photographic stills, each image was captured, choreographed and composed to create a motion film. “Breathe of Light” signifies the thawing out of winter to reveal the dance of flesh, flower and water, in honour of Spring.

Photographers: Yut Mun & Sarika

Editor: Micheal Sizer Watts

Music: Nitin Sawhney

Art Director: Sarika


Press Coverage


RIVERDALE ART WALK 2015 – Juried Art show featuring featuring series called “Earth”

CONTACT PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL 2015 – Solo exhibit at Pikto Gallery//Distillery District. Series: Basilicata, Experiments in Blue.

ARTIST PROJECT 2015 – Juried and competitive art show at Exhibition Grounds featuring series “Planetary Journey”

FEMALE EYE FILM FESTIVAL 2014- Juried Competition – 3 pieces from “Native Paint” are selected for exhibit for ARTSCAPE.
RIVERDALE ART WALK 2014 – Juried Art show. My exhibition on latest works called “SunPrints”
CONTACT PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL 2014 – Toronto-wide festival – Exhibition on latest Pinhole Series called “the wHole Idea”
THE ARTIST PROJECT 2014 – Juried Art Show featuring my exclusive series called “Lightbox”
NUIT BLANCHE  2014 – Solo project in Trinity Bellwoods park featuring interactive installation called Ambassadors of Beauty.
RIVERDALE ART WALK 2012/2013 – Best Photography Award, 2012 
TORONTO STAR – North America’s Largest Circulation Newspaper serving the Toronto And Greater Toronto Area 

Principle Photographer: Toronto Environmental Author and Personality, Adria Vasil, Cover Photo May 2012

Photo Essay–Berlin, Germany,  July 2012

Photo Essay– Montescaglioso, May 2012

Photo Essay– Expats in India, February 2012

Photo Essay– San Pedro De Atacama, December 2011

Photo Essay–Path To Dalai Lama, on Dharamsala India.  October 2010

Photo Essay–Behind Closed Doors– Tiruvannamallai, South India, Jan. 2011

Photo Essay–Quebec Of India– Pondicherry, India March 2011

Photo-Essay–Taste of India–Matera, Italy  May 2011

NOW MAGAZINE – Toronto’s Most Read Weekly Arts And Culture Newspaper

Principle Photographer: Ecoholic and Environment Author Adria Vasil, May 2012 


Photo Essay– International Children’s Day


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