RIVERDALE ART WALK 2015 – Juried Art show featuring featuring series called “Earth”

CONTACT PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL 2015 – Solo exhibit at Pikto Gallery//Distillery District. Series: Basilicata, Experiments in Blue.

ARTIST PROJECT 2015 – Juried and competitive art show at Exhibition Grounds featuring series “Planetary Journey”

FEMALE EYE FILM FESTIVAL 2014- Juried Competition – 3 pieces from “Native Paint” are selected for exhibit for ARTSCAPE.
RIVERDALE ART WALK 2014 – Juried Art show. My exhibition on latest works called “SunPrints”
CONTACT PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL 2014 – Toronto-wide festival – Exhibition on latest Pinhole Series called “the wHole Idea”
THE ARTIST PROJECT 2014 – Juried Art Show featuring my exclusive series called “Lightbox”
NUIT BLANCHE  2014 – Solo project in Trinity Bellwoods park featuring interactive installation called Ambassadors of Beauty.
RIVERDALE ART WALK 2012/2013 – Best Photography Award, 2012 
TORONTO STAR – North America’s Largest Circulation Newspaper serving the Toronto And Greater Toronto Area 

Principle Photographer: Toronto Environmental Author and Personality, Adria Vasil, Cover Photo May 2012

Photo Essay–Berlin, Germany,  July 2012

Photo Essay– Montescaglioso, May 2012

Photo Essay– Expats in India, February 2012

Photo Essay– San Pedro De Atacama, December 2011

Photo Essay–Path To Dalai Lama, on Dharamsala India.  October 2010

Photo Essay–Behind Closed Doors– Tiruvannamallai, South India, Jan. 2011

Photo Essay–Quebec Of India– Pondicherry, India March 2011

Photo-Essay–Taste of India–Matera, Italy  May 2011

NOW MAGAZINE – Toronto’s Most Read Weekly Arts And Culture Newspaper

Principle Photographer: Ecoholic and Environment Author Adria Vasil, May 2012 


Photo Essay– International Children’s Day

Photographic Live Auction///SNAP! Toronto///March 2013

Juried Live Auction and Exhibit for Contemporary Photographers in Toronto. One of the top events in Toronto promoting and specializing in photographic art.

Photographic Collection///RIVERDALE ART WALK /// June 2013

A juried show featuring a collection of the artist’s framed photographs focusing on the photograph series called “Winter Frost”.  The art festival, one of the largest and most reputable in Toronto.

Photographic Series///CONTACT PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL///May 2013

“Native Series”

 A series of 10 photographs on transparent film depicting the Goddess of Art and the Flower.  It focuses on the ethereal qualities of water, nature, and light, and how these elements create an environment of philosophical enchantment in India. It captures the temple tradition of worshipping the goddess of art, Saraswati, through using a favoured subject: water.

Photographic Series///CONTACT PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL///May 2012

“Saraswati & Flower”

 A series of 10 photographs focusing on our relation with our roots, the aborigines of Canada and the evolution to the modern day Canadian. The images are shot and presented in warm, saturated hues using a unique lens, water to diffuse the final outcome.

Photographic Collection///RIVERDALE ART WALK /// June 2012//Presented “Photographer of the Year Award”

A collection of the artist’s framed photographs focusing on the developed photographs for the year’s signature series.  The art festival, one of the largest and most reputable in Toronto.

Photographic Series///ART ON DANFORTH///May 20th – June 20th 2012


A series of photographs framed in vintage cabinet doors that display various countries and landscapes the photographer has explored in the last 5 years. Each photograph is taken in the signature style using elements like water and ethereal light, but this time the effect produced creates an “old fashioned” finish created while taking the photograph. There is an extraordinary atmosphere created around ordinary life. 

Photographic Series///GLADSTONE HOTEL///September 2011

“Maple Syrup”

A series of photographs documenting an artistic rendition of the Maple Leaf as it plays in water. The “dance” of leaf, water and the colour maple is the focus for the Creative Heart Collection as a part of the Queen West Art Crawl.

Photographic Series///BIG ON BLOOR FESTIVAL.///July  2011


Large Scale Prints of flowers and leaves as seen through the aquatic lens of water. An abstract rendition of Canadian Nature with bright colour and an etherial quality.

Photographic Series///INDIAN RICE FACTORY/// Current

“Mother India”

A compilation of images portraying the raw essence of India. A series of 15 photographs of people, cultures and historical towns taken throughout the subcontinent with a focus on life outside the major cities and in the heart of the land

Photographic Series///AMAYA INDIAN ROOM/// February 2011

“Meetings Along the Edge”

A compilation of images taken from around the world during a three year period with the focus on life at night. A series of 20 images taken on the streets displaying random moments in life that often go unnoticed under the effect of unusual lighting. One of the main countries of interest is India, along with Peru, Italy, Morocco, Turkey, China and Indonesia.

Photographic Series///SULTAN’S TENT///October 2010


A series of 10 photographs captured over a period of 2 months in the African country of Morocco. The photos explore the quality of ‘wealth’ that is found in everything here from food, books and architecture. From photos of the famous Jam Afna square in Marrakech to a hippie town where Jimi Hendrix was known to hang out, the series explores the bright and magnetic culture that has attracted people from all over the world for hundreds of years.

Photographic Series///DANFORTH COMMUNITY ART SHOW///July 2010

“World At Night”

Images collected over a period of three years depicting candid moments and meetings amongst common people with a focus of capturing the world at night. Each image captures the reality of that time and is taken in contrasting environments from places like a tribal community in Bolivia to an urban setting in Spain. The essence of the series was to showcase human expression and similarities throughout different cultures.



Malatesta Art Space. Matera. Italy.                                        “World At Night”   2011

Himalayan Art Gallery . Dharamsala. India                             “Mother India”  2010